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Photography Exhibitions

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Klara Johanna Michel

In addition to the musical program of the Synästhesie Festival, the Berlin based artist Klara Johanna Michel will exhibit a selection of her photographs. While many of her contemporaries would opt for creating carefree imagery, Klara Johanna Michel heavily stylizes her subjects to seemingly echo the aesthetics of an early artistic movement. Please note that some of the images in this post are NSFW. Find out more

Lilly Creightmore

Filmmaker and photographer Lilly Creightmore who has been documenting the neo psychedelic underground for eight years, will be presenting a preview of her upcoming feature length film TRIP which observes the movers, groovers and tambourine shakers in the ever growing global community. Stills and a taste of the finished documentary will be projected on the walls of Synåsthesie for one night only! Find out more

Documentary Film

Synästhesie Festival Recab


More than a concert, a blending of the senses, the 2nd SYNÄSTHESIE Festival presents an impeccably curated program of experimental psych and garage rock with visual imagery. The location, a war damaged brewery in the heart of East Berlin, is as beautiful as it is intimate offering a unique interaction with art and music. SYNÄSTHESIE offers a compact international lineup of bands that represent the 8MM Musik aesthetic, contemporary music inspired by german experimental music of the late 60s & early 70s. A living history of music that has gone against and continues contrary to mainstream trends. Tickets are limited.

Presented by 8MM Musik


Ufo Sound Studios
Greifswalder Str. 23 A
10405 Berlin

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